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WIEC Fat Free Radio

Not the same old thing

Our Alternative

If you have questions about the station, have time or funds to donate or you would like to volunteer to help grow the station,

Make A Little Money ¤ Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
With a Little Help From My Friends ¤ Richie Havens 06:10
Tres Bemoles ¤ Cyril Monrose And His String Orchestra
Mood Indigo ¤ Charles Mingus
Crosseyed Cat ¤ Muddy Waters
A New Stain ¤ Halloween, Alaska
Call Me Names ¤ The Specials
I Wanna Go Back To Dixie ¤ Tom Lehrer
The Other Woman ¤ Nina Simone
¤ Sea-Change-Radio
¤ The-Shortwave-Report


The Great Pumpkin Challenge

Who among us can grow the largest Pumpkin?

The rules, judging, and almost everything is still somewhat vague and undefined. We'll fix that. But it’s near seed starting time (we suggest April 20th) and we have Giant Pumpkin Seeds for anyone who wants to grow a giant pumpkin!


To enter this contest you need:

  • To be within 15 miles of Eau Claire (able to pick up the station on a real radio)
  • Need to use our seeds, all of which came from the same pumpkin. (They are free!)
  • An amateur (never have entered another pumpkin contest)

There may or may not be:

  • categories (weight, roundness, cutest, orange-ness, smallest, etc.)
  • prizes
  • periodic radio updates

Send us an email at to let us know you are interested. We will add you to the Pumpkin list, send you some tips, and educational resources, and most importantly get you two Giant Pumpkin seeds.



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Check out our program schedule. The great mix of music you hear is difficult to classify. It varies somewhat through the day with sprinkles of news and public affairs programming, there is no way to pigeonhole it. Tell your friends.

Stay tuned!