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WIEC Fat Free Radio

Not the same old thing

Our Alternative

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The Light Bulb Does ¤ Halloween, Alaska
Sueño ¤ Gipsy Kings 03:24
Little City Woman ¤ Big Bill Broonzy
Hardcore Jollies ¤ Funkadelic
I'll Never Grow Old ¤ The Maytals
Midsommer ¤ The Modern Jazz Quartet
Death Sting Me Blues ¤ Sara Martin
Margaret Ann / Manor Park / Trip To The Bronx ¤ Battlefield Band
Paddy On The Road ¤ Christy Moore
National Brotherhood Week ¤ Tom Lehrer
All of You (incomplete) ¤ Miles & Coltrane


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Check out our program schedule. The great mix of music you hear is difficult to classify. It varies somewhat through the day with sprinkles of news and public affairs programming, there is no way to pigeonhole it. Tell your friends.

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