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WIEC Fat Free Radio

Not the same old thing

Our Alternative

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¤ RadioCurious
¤ NewWorldNotes 28:36
Picture of my life ¤ Jamiroquai
¤ BehindtheNews
Predrecita En El Camino ¤ Viento De Los Andes
Solitude ¤ Billie Holiday Feat. Eddie Heywood And His Orchestra
Seen a Rocket ¤ Country Joe Mcdonald
El pobre sonaba ¤ Grupo Macarena
Sure-As-Not / Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue) ¤ Afro Celt Sound System
Jambalaya ¤ Professor Longhair
Tuesday Afternoon ¤ The Moody Blues


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Check out our program schedule. The great mix of music you hear is rather hard to classify. It varies somewhat throught the day with sprinkles of news and public affairs programming, there is no way to pigeonhole it. Tell your freinds.

Stay tuned!

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