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WIEC Fat Free Radio

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Magheracloone / Norland Wind / The Royal Scottish Pipers Society / Gardez Loo / Donald MacLean ¤ Battlefield Band
Star Trek: Defiant: Episode 32: I Saw Eternity The Other Night, Part 3 ¤ Pendant Productions 36:24
Denial ¤ Dropkick Murphys
Zoot Allures ¤ Frank Zappa
South Carolina (Barnwell) ¤ Gil Scott-Heron
Farewell And Goodnight ¤ The Smashing Pumpkins
Alligator alley ¤ Keller Williams
De Todo Un Poco ¤ Manuel Licea Jr.
Switchblade Pompadour ¤ Three Blue Teardrops
Anyway You Work It ¤ Digitata
I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town ¤ Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five


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Check out our program schedule. The great mix of music you hear is rather hard to classify. It varies somewhat throught the day with sprinkles of news and public affairs programming, there is no way to pigeonhole it. Tell your freinds.

Stay tuned!

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