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WIEC Fat Free Radio

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If you have questions about the station, have time or funds to donate or you would like to volunteer to help grow the station,

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Our automated phone attendant can now provide you with a variety of information wherever you have access to a phone. Besides the requisite station information, we have an exact time menu option and six different types of local weather information - courtesy of the national weather service.

But our phone system does not stop at providing information. We are also gathering information from the broader community of air on the station. Do you have a community event you want people to know about? Now your message can get directly on the air (after a little screening of course.)

Have you ever wondered why radio stations that use the radio spectrum you own never let you have a chance to use it?

Have you ever listened to the sometimes funny sometimes lame Public Service Announcements (PSA). Have you disagreed or wondered why much more important topics are never covered? Do you long for a PSA telling people to watch out for banana peels on the sidewalk? WIEC is introducing DIY PSAs! If you can deliver a reasonable message in about 30 seconds, you have a good chance of getting it on the air.

Want more than 30 seconds? How about a few minutes to get on your soapbox and tell it like you see it?

Of course, if you just want to call and let us know what you think about the station, we want to hear that too.

Give us a call. - We've just moved to Hawaii!